I'm Adis, a freelance product designer past 12 years designing UI/UX for web and mobile screens — from landing page to core problems, flows and features. Worked with startups backed by YC, Sequoia, A16Z, Khosla, TechStars, Tencent, 500 Startups etc.
Continually learning about intention, direction, strategy, product, features, roadmap, competitors, messages, ideas, opinions, statistics, content, customer journey, user experience, needs, problems, goals, requests and feedback.
Thinking, writing, making images in Figma, showing progress daily in Slack, calls and presentations, explaining reasons for decisions, starting discussions, gathering feedback, iterating toward clarity, awe, divine is in details!
Building and updating design system, developing website in HTML and CSS, working with developers in Linear, Figma and Slack to ensure proper development of design and updating of the built product.
UX and UI Design
Flows, mockups, design system
Web Design
Content strategy, copywriting, visual
Logo, pages, slides, cards, templates
Script, directing VO, montage
Blake Puryear
Product Manager
“From day one, Adis was able to massively contribute to the UX of our platform. He thoughtfully approaches his design decisions and takes the time to understand the individual problems of each user flow. He is always quick to respond and has created a visual design for our product that we are extremely happy with!”
Indraneel Mukherjee
“Adis is an excellent communicator, creates great designs fast, and is really great to work with. He quickly understood our rather complex requirements, did a bunch of quick iterations producing great work, was very flexible and patient as we came up with new requests, and also helped shape the overall product.”
Tiffany Kuo
Project Manager
“Adis is easy to work with and fast. After sharing who our target customers are, a sketch of our landing page, and our copy, he was able to make suggestions to our original thinking and create a beautiful design in just 3 days.”
Kelsey Klein
Project Manager
“Adis took direction well, and was comfortable iterating through completion to create exactly what we were looking for.”
Dawson Whitfield
UI/UX Designer
“Adis was always able to deliver something new and supremely beautiful. He was key in exploring new UIs and visual designs for Weebly’s 10 million users.”
Vincent Chou
“Adis produces nothing short of grade A work with great attention to detail and mindfulness of client requirements.”

Web Design

UI/UX Design, Web Design

User Research, UX Design

UI/UX Design, Web Design

UI/UX Design
Happy to share more about my work in calls and chats, and discuss how and when we can work together.

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